Covid Green Pass Check Kiosk

Covid Green Pass Check Kiosk

Covid Green Pass Check Kiosk

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This is an elegant, quick to install and easy to use self service solution for Green Pass and COVID Certificate check. It can be an stand alone, or in combination with turnstiles and barriers. Suitable for stores, restaurants, bars, gaming halls, supermarkets, stadiums, theaters, gyms, sport centers, museums, shopping Malls etc. It works with all Green Pass COVID certificates issued in the European Union. 

Client scan its own certificate and receives a printed receipt for his entrance, with name and surname and scan time. Security and access control staff has minimum interaction with clients, who will be permitted or prohibited to enter the venue. 

This green passport kiosk reader is the best solution, if you are willing to provide secure access for your clients with limited staff effort. For the installation all you need is power supply and internet connection- LAN or Wireless. This COVID vaccine certificate checker is compatible with all EU regulations. 


SCANNING: the customer scans the GREEN PASS with the QR-code scanner

DISPLAY: kiosk display shows the customer details

CONFIRMATION: the GREENMATE light turns green for a positive result, red for not valid Certificate

PRINT: the printer issues a ticket with the date, time, and name

CONTROL: the operator can check that the customer ticket and identity document match

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