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SunMI T2 is a all in one Android POS terminal with built-in Seiko printer with auto cutter. This excellent POS system is featuring full HD, bezel-less capacitive touch display with high brightness level. The design of the point of sale computer is elegant and the performance is the best in this class. SunMI T2 provides highest level of productivity in the Android POS segment, and in the same time the price is one of the cheapest possible of POS you will eve find, without any compromise in the quality. The mass production, the strength behind the Mi brand and the control of the manufacturing of all elements of the POS terminals, used in the same time in the Mi phones, tablets and notebooks,  give SunMI POS systems the possibility to be the most competitive in the Android POS market.

More suitable for customers with high printing demand, pursuing quality. The built in Seiko printer is top class, and the voice commands for end of paper and open door makes the use of this machine like a child play. 

We incorporate new science & technology into the second generation of SUNMI desktop cash register. On the basis of safety maintenance & stable running, we further provide it with super strong networking & business development ability, to allow the cash device also to be used in combination with various hardware while maintaining the information transmission. Sim card holder, second display and camera for face-recognition payments are just few of the many ad-on options SunMi POS terminals are supporting.

Standard configuration

Display 15.6"+15.6"

Main screen: 15.6" FHD, 1920×1080Vice screen: 15.6" FHD, 1920×1080

Display 15.6"+10.1"

Main screen: 15.6" FHD, 1920×1080Vice screen: 10.1"HD, 1024×600

Display 15.6"

Main screen: 15.6" FHD, 1920×1080


Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor


Android 7.1SUNMI OS



Touch screen

G+G capacitivemulti-touch screen

Power adapter



2.4G/5Gsupports IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n


Supports Bluetooth 2.1/3.0/4.0Supports BLE






Power button(lock screen)Volume +/-

External memory card

Supports MicroSD(TF)Up to 64G

Working environment

Work temp: 0°C~40°CStorage temp: -20°C~60°C


Built-in high speed 80 thermal printerWith automatic cutterPrint speed 200 m/sSupports paper roll with 80 mm OD

External ports

USB Type A port×5, RJ11 serial port×1, RJ12 cash drawer port×1, RJ45 LAN port×1headphone jack×1, power port×1, Micro-USB debug port×1

Optional configuration

SIM card holder

One that supports 1.8V/3.0V


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